Education & Research

At GPBAASRI, we have an established commitment to research and education. We hope to serve as an “everyman’s university”, helping to further interest in science and the arts.

GPBAASRI’s museum education asks and answers the question of what benefit museums are to people, by providing the opportunity and resources which aid in developing critical and communication skills, encouraging students to be independent lifelong museum learners, modelling how to ask questions and find the answers, and providing opportunities to form connections to oneself and the larger community.

A large part of this is done through the Research being conducted here. An established Research Cell on the History of Astronomy contributes significantly to the research in Theoretical Physics and Astronomy conducted under the supervision of Dr. B.G. Sidharth, Director of the Centre.

Research Projects:

  1. The Artificial Intelligence project aids in the computerised translation of documents from one Indian language to another.
  2. The study of ancient Indian Science and Technology research project aided in the discovery of new dating and fabrication of new alloys, unknown to modern science.

In addition to this, the Centre has conducted several Masters and P.G. Diploma Courses further solidifying our commitment to research and education.