Science Dissemination


The workshop of the Science Centre continuously strives for conceptualizing, designing, developing and fabricating new science exhibits that are ideally suited for the development of a competent, informed scientific society which is essential for the betterment of our life.

By and large science education has become dependent more on rote learning rather than experimentation and questioning methodology. Due to lack of science popularisation efforts the outcome of scientific and technological researches do not reach the public thereby there is decline in the general level of scientific awareness in the society. The exhibits that are designed and developed here demystify the scientific concepts through the elements of participation, interaction and entertainment. Learning becomes fun here. Experiential learning situations are created in such a way that the visitors interact with the exhibits and in turn get inputs to further carry out another activity.


The exhibit development in the science centre go through a rigorous research process both in the area of display and technology. They are designed to be safe and secure.  With several years of in house R&D the Science Centre has produced unique, exciting and highly acclaimed exhibits. The topics range from mechanics, optics, mathematics, electricity and magnetism, sound, waves, energy, electronics, astronomy, our senses etc. The spaces in the science centreare an apt area for organising non formal interactive sessions for the students and general public on interesting scientific topics.

The exhibits designed by the Science Centre can be procured by other like- minded organizations who are involved in Science Popularization. More than 30 science centres and science parks in the country are using the exhibits and activities designed and installed by the science centre for educating millions.