Nirmala Birla Gallery Of
Modern Art

Nirmala Birla Gallery of Modern Art is a modern art gallery in Hyderabad that showcases various forms of artistic expression by Indian and international artists. It was envisioned by Mrs. Nirmala Birla, who spent years collecting these paintings and artefacts.

The most notable features of the gallery include paintings by famous artists like Jamini Roy, Amitabh Banerjee, Paritosh Sen, Akbar Padamsee, Samir Aich, Tayyub Mehtab, Krishan Khanna, Amitava Dhar, Laxma Goud, Surya Prakash and Sudhir Patwardhan. The gallery invites several research scholars and art lovers every year.

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Among the gallery’s collection of modern sculptures, a huge bronze figure by the famous sculptor, Meera Mukherjee, takes pride of place. Other noted sculptors of the country like Chintamani Kar, Bimal Kundu, Manik Talukdar, Somnath Hoare and Niranjan Pridhan hold permanent exhibition spaces. The bronze sculpture representing ‘Jala Kanya’ by Chintamani Kar is a masterpiece in the collection along with Ajit Chakraborthy’s ‘Cupid’.

As visitors explore the gallery, they will discover the entire build-up of modern Indian paintings originating from erstwhile Calcutta and developing over the Eastern and Western ghats and the Deccan. Indications of composition, perspective and realism are illustrated along with an important collection encompassing contextual modernism. Pseudorealistic and post-minimalist works, as well as post-colonial and subaltern works are also housed here.

Another interesting aspect of the gallery is its collection of Thomas Daniell prints. The English landscape painter arrived in Calcutta in 1786 with his nephew, William, who was also a landscape artist. The duo travelled around the country making sketches and paintings of the sceneries. These were later turned into engravings for sale to the public. A wall illuminating 74 of these prints depicting the various places they travelled to is of particular historical importance.