On Going & Upcoming Projects

1 The archaeology museum has introduced digital access to the objects in the galleries. This is being introduced with a view that visitors can get relevant details about the exhibits thereby adding the Edutainment component. The access can be achieved by the visitors using their own mobile phone thereby maintaining the Covid protocol also. The digital access to the objects will be rotated in appropriate intervals so that repeat visitors can get varied information during their visits.
2 The science museum has added a new gallery titled “Experience Science”. Exhibits on different topics like our senses, optics, electricity & magnetism, sound & hearing, mathematics, astronomy, resolution and images etc. will be displayed here. These exhibits will also support the science syllabus so that schools can use this space for out of school learning. The exhibits will be interactive and having component of edutainment so that people of all ages can equally enjoy.
3 The planetarium dome and seating have been upgraded for better experience. New shows will be added to provide enhanced experience. New exhibits will also be added in the planetarium foyer.
4 The archaeology gallery is regularly updated by changing the display with new objects from the reserve collections. The exhibit cabinets are also redesigned with interesting background and display cases having energy saving intelligent LED lighting.