The G P Birla Summer School and Workshop (GPBSSW)

The G P Birla Summer School and Workshop (GPBSSW) 2024 is an exclusive programme for School Students to experience Natural Phenomena, Fun with Science and Positional Astronomy beyond the classroom. The School and Workshop included hands-on activities, demonstrations, and practical and theoretical sessions. GPBSSW lasted three days, from April 29, 2024, to May 01, 2024. Thirty-two school students registered for the summer school and workshop.

We believe in learning by doing at the GP Birla Summer School and Workshop. On the first day of the workshop, the participants were introduced to the fascinating world of Natural Phenomena, followed by a hands-on activity on Spectroscopy. The participants had the opportunity to make their spectroscope and observe the unique spectra of different light sources, such as the sodium vapour lamp, mercury vapour lamp, and sunlight. The nature of these spectra was then discussed, providing a practical understanding of the topic.

On the second day of the workshop, the students had an opportunity to do various Science experiments dealing with basic Science principles. The participants thoroughly enjoyed having fun with science and the Science Entertainer, Mr. V. Venkateshwarlu. The participants were provided with the materials used to do their experiments.

On the third day of school, the participants were introduced to the Observational Astronomy session, followed by the Astrolabe model-making session. The participants assembled a 4.5-inch Newtonian Reflector, followed by a safe viewing of the Sun using a solar filter fitted to the Telescope. During the Sunspots observation sessions, the participants interacted with each other, discussing their experience looking at the dark-coloured spots known as Sunspots on the sun. The participants were then introduced to the Night Sky in the Planetarium.

The three-day programme ended with a concluding session at the G P Birla Conference Hall, where certificates were distributed to the participants.

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